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016: Moat Water

Moat Water for SPoT x CCB: 5/5

After celebrating my birthday last weekend with a long beer filled Saturday I decided to dial back and just dip into a few quality brews this weekend. While perusing the shelf at one of my local sources I stumbled across something I had only heard briefly mentioned on Twitter a few times. A wonderful collaboration between two Tampa Bay Area institutions: Skate Park Of Tampa (SPoT) and Cigar City Brewing (CCB). The two collaborated to make a one time limited edition release in celebration of SPoT’s 20 year anniversary.



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009: The Tuesday Breakdown 12.03.12 Holiday Wishlist Edition Part 2

Another Tuesday, Another List. Today we continue and finish my Holiday Wishlist rundown, just in time for my birthday tomorrow.

11. Some Days You Just Don’t Have The Energy For The French Press. [$19.95 – $299.95]

Or maybe you have say, 8 other people waking up from a night of drinking and your piddly little press [no offense intended, I love my press] just isn’t going to cut it. Time to call in the BFG of coffee makers, the Technivorm Moccamaster. Capable of making 40 ozs of perfect coffee in mere minutes, it fits the bill for fueling up for a day of cloistered work-from-home or assuaging the hangovers of your closest amicis. And hey, why not whip up something greasy and delicious to go along with that all that hot java lava.

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001: What Would Jiro Do?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: 5/5

Let me preface all this by saying that the wife and I are huge documentary fans, and so finding a quality one is like uncovering an antique book in the $0.50 bin at the flea market and knowing you will be able to sell it one day when Antique Roadshow comes to town. So, do not take it lightly when I recommend a documentary. With that said,  I was tipped off to this film by a blog I read regularly The William Brown Project (credit for the entry title and possibly new life mantra as well). Beyond all that, I cannot recommend Jiro Dreams Of Sushi enough.

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000: An Origin Story

This was a story written once before, a long time ago.

Another world,

Another time,

In the age of wonder.

A thousand years ago,

This land was green,

Until the crystal cracked.

This was a story of collaboration. It was a story of youth, enthusiasm, and a desire to share what we thought was important, excellent, and delicious. And also to share what was wretched, broken, and rancid.

And in that spirit of sharing How Many Beards will persist.