Month: March, 2013

050: Friday Jams | Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Start your weekend off right.


049: Astronautalis

This is a guest post from the inimitably impassioned Meghan. She’ll be bring us regular updates on the music-world with a Left Coast take from her current home in Portland. To get your fill of music nonsense and passionate rants about New Girl, follow her on Twitter. Meghan is now the 1 of the 2 better halves of Secret Rad Media!

An impromptu, short introduction to Astronautalis.

Portland, Oregon – Wonder Ballroom

WHY and Astronautalis 012

I’ve got a new Wednesday recommendation for you all. To begin, when I try to explain an artist to someone as an introduction I usually use the “If so & so and so & so had a baby” analogy. That has always worked perfectly until this past Sunday night when I found myself in front of clean-cut and handsomely charming Andy Bothwell, aka – Astronautalis.

Opening for WHY? which I was set to attend that evening, I decided to throw some of his tunes on before the show, just to get acquainted. Now let me throw some names at you. First I heard the rising addictive hip-hop beats and vox of recent phenom, Macklemore. Perfect, I thought. Then I heard the grungy southern twang ala Lucero with the added smoothness of a one Caleb Followill. “This guy is all over the place;” I stumbled forward in confusion. More deep beats. Okay, he IS hip-hop. Now synth. Now he is Isaac Brock. Then, wait, did someone put on Billy Joel? What is happening?! And then my brain imploded.

When I came to, I found myself at the front of the stage of Portland’s Wonder Ballroom. Looking up at Astronautalis he explained how he used to be a ‘little British girl,’ later to amend “that was a lie, I was never a little British girl. Everything from here on out will be the truth.” The center crowd, slow to feel him out, finally broke into an all out dance party as he belted through what appeared to be his biggest hit – “Contrails” (which recorded, features Tegan Quin).

Astronautalis ft. Tegan Quin – Contrails

As sweaty bodies and exhausted breath overwhelmed the crowd, Andy asked us to name some topics for the backbone of his traditional freestyle session. Bukowski, drinking tea, being 21, The Walking Dead, redheads, an unavoidable sneak-in of C.S. Lewis, three or so more and he was off. I looked around the crowd as he spit out a slew of words, band building beats behind him, as if this was a poem years in the making. The closing of his set produced gaping jaws on faces of the crowd, as the percentage of bodies who had never heard of Astronautalis inevitably accepted they would be leaving their brains behind at Wonder ballroom this night.

An Astronautalis Freestyle

048: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #6 – Doodle Deities

This is one of a series of regular posts from my dear friend Randy. Check back every Monday for a fresh look at what has taken over Randy’s litter box of a brain that week. For more timely ramblings from him head straight to the source, @RMChase3.

What’s up Beetles fans Elvis Fans and non-whites! Randy here with a multi-tiered obsession for you but this time with a few added bonuses! This one comes to you in the form of Doodle God and its many sequels like Doodle Devil.  The concept is a simple one you are a God or Devil and you have elements that you combine with other elements to make new elements.  Not following? Did I use the word elements too many times? Here then are some example coming right atcha. In Doodle God you take Fire and Earth combine them and you get lava, in Doodle Devil you give Humans the Apple and it creates Sin and Knowledge. Please note don’t try this at home now matter how much you set earth ablaze it’s not gonna make lava. Each game has about 170 different elements you can make and it saves your progress for when you can’t think anymore.  Downside to the game is that you have to follow some demented game makers cracked out logic. (Apparently fire and water makes alcohol.) Also pending which version you play you can earn coins to pay for hints or if you just wait five minutes then you can trade hints for precious time. Another great reason to go pick up the game is because you can play it now. Right now. What are you reading this on your android device your iPhone or a computer? Doesn’t matter you can still play it Doodle games are available on all platforms! So unlike all of those other obsessions I’ve brought you no waiting or signing up or trials. None of that you can be on the couch, car, or toilet and play Doodle games today. I know this post is a bit short but that’s because I’m typing with one hand and playing doodle devil with the other. I don’t know why you’re still reading this go play!

And when you’re done go find something to obsess over.


047: Friday Jam’s | Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

As an old school fan of Fall Out Boy I never know what to expect from these weirdos, especially after they put up Infinity On High and Folie A Deux the latter of which I never even listened to. But, their first two albums, Take This To Your Grave and From Under The Cork Tree have always held a special place in my musical upbringing. So, when I heard they had a new single out I was naturally full of trepidation. Could this be a glorious, hot return to their roots or would it just be a continuance of their steaming record of garbage.

Well, somehow it managed to be both. Their new single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” is truly hot garbage, in that even though it is garbage, it’s still hot and I can’t stop listening to it. Enjoy.