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031: Tuesday Breakdown for 01.29.13

God damn this Black Night, er Tuesday, and all its foul temptation.

wine breakdown

READ: Carnival Worker Invades Florida Home, Masturbates, Defecates, Eats Vacuum Garbage.

Really, the headline says it. The article is definitely worth a read, especially for the recap at the end.

PLAY: Rocket Island.

I discovered this clever little game on the Play store last night and have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. It’s a clever take on Swipe and Match games, but the games do not run on endlessly and the game is not wickedly addicting which is honestly a good thing. I find myself popping in for a quick game here and there, but still effortlessly being able to turn it off after a few rounds. Also, it’s free!

WATCH: Silver Linings Playbook.

Seriously kids, if you haven’t seen this get on it. It was great and deserves all the critical acclaim it has been receiving. It’s like a much better version of Garden State: two people having suffered serious emotional trauma find reconciliation and healing through a relationship with one another. Go see it.

DRINK: Root: 1 Carmenere

I recently picked this up after reading a glowing recommendation over on Bottoms Up Darling. If you’re looking for a great, affordable bottle of red I can’t recommend this higher than many other wines. I put it right up there with Gnarly Head’s Zinfandel. Check out the review and then head out, drop the $10 and try it out.

027: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #1 – Ingress

This is the first of a series of regular posts from my dear friend Randy. Check back every Monday for a fresh look at what has taken over Randy’s litter box of a brain that week. For more timely ramblings from him head straight to the source, @RMChase3.

Hey what’s up for those of you that don’t know my name is Randy. (Although I should say that’s not
conditional if you do know me it’s still Randy.) I’m here today because I need to get something off my
chest. I suffer from OCD. Well OCD minus the Compulsive Disorder so maybe just O. This is something
I’ve recently come to realize. In my past I find something I really like until I consume all of it thoroughly
and completely and move on to the next thing that I obsess over. Well it’s time to stop keeping these
things to myself and share them with you, the people. So How Many Beards presents to you: Randy’s
Monday Obsession.

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