001: What Would Jiro Do?

by howmanybeards

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: 5/5

Let me preface all this by saying that the wife and I are huge documentary fans, and so finding a quality one is like uncovering an antique book in the $0.50 bin at the flea market and knowing you will be able to sell it one day when Antique Roadshow comes to town. So, do not take it lightly when I recommend a documentary. With that said,  I was tipped off to this film by a blog I read regularly The William Brown Project (credit for the entry title and possibly new life mantra as well). Beyond all that, I cannot recommend Jiro Dreams Of Sushi enough.

Now, let me stop you right there. No. Shut your mouth. I know what you’re going to say.
“I don’t like seafood and/or sushi.”
“Who cares about some sushi chef?”
To both of which I say, “Valid points, but this movie has very little to do with either of those.”

Obviously Jiro, his shop, and making sushi are what drive the narrative, yet the film manages to cover a myriad of topics. It looks at the power of dedication and routine and the beauty that comes from passion for a craft. Jiro has honed his craft well beyond a mere skill and turned it into art. But the film does not stop there. It dives into topics such as apathy in youth, aesthetics, the nature of perfection, environmentalism, and the need for sustainability.

To me though, the most important thing that I took away from this was Jiro’s dedication to not his work but to his craft. Jiro knows he is one of the best. Yet he does not simply believe he can continue to improve, he knows it. His skill has become a part of him, and he betters himself by bettering his craft and his passion.