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016: Moat Water

Moat Water for SPoT x CCB: 5/5

After celebrating my birthday last weekend with a long beer filled Saturday I decided to dial back and just dip into a few quality brews this weekend. While perusing the shelf at one of my local sources I stumbled across something I had only heard briefly mentioned on Twitter a few times. A wonderful collaboration between two Tampa Bay Area institutions: Skate Park Of Tampa (SPoT) and Cigar City Brewing (CCB). The two collaborated to make a one time limited edition release in celebration of SPoT’s 20 year anniversary.



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001: What Would Jiro Do?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: 5/5

Let me preface all this by saying that the wife and I are huge documentary fans, and so finding a quality one is like uncovering an antique book in the $0.50 bin at the flea market and knowing you will be able to sell it one day when Antique Roadshow comes to town. So, do not take it lightly when I recommend a documentary. With that said,  I was tipped off to this film by a blog I read regularly The William Brown Project (credit for the entry title and possibly new life mantra as well). Beyond all that, I cannot recommend Jiro Dreams Of Sushi enough.

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