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064: ECHOES 080713

Because honestly, we all need a few extra reasons to drink more whiskey.


Well it’s another week. I guess that’s what it is? At least we have TWO, count’em TWO drinking holidays to look forward to this weekend. More on that later.

  • What do you get when you combine a Jewish Family, Suburban Ontario, and A Strip Club? The Manor, which looks to be an incredible documentary. Keep an eye out for it soon. Also, I’d rate that video as NSFW.
  • Love Basbeball? Love Food? Love both together? Check out the 15 Most Exciting New Baseball Stadium Snacks.
  • Not to be repetitious but: Love Baseball? Love Beer? Love both together? Check out The Summer Of Beer And Whiskey. It’s the story of one man’s quest to start a baseball team in St. Louis just to sell more beer. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s earned a high slot in my overflowing summer reading schedule.
  • Finally, as many of you may have heard Bill Gates in all his philanthropic wisdom recently offered $100,000 to anyone who could develop a better condom. It seems this has spurred a great debate about condom usage itself and The Atlantic has a great article on why so few men still do not use a condom.

039: Tuesday’s Breakdown for 02.12.13

Oh happy day, they finally found the missing link! A¬†hermaphroditic¬†sea slug with a detachable, regenerating penis! Also, it’s Tuesday.


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