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029: Friday Jams | The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

Be good this weekend.


027: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #1 – Ingress

This is the first of a series of regular posts from my dear friend Randy. Check back every Monday for a fresh look at what has taken over Randy’s litter box of a brain that week. For more timely ramblings from him head straight to the source, @RMChase3.

Hey what’s up for those of you that don’t know my name is Randy. (Although I should say that’s not
conditional if you do know me it’s still Randy.) I’m here today because I need to get something off my
chest. I suffer from OCD. Well OCD minus the Compulsive Disorder so maybe just O. This is something
I’ve recently come to realize. In my past I find something I really like until I consume all of it thoroughly
and completely and move on to the next thing that I obsess over. Well it’s time to stop keeping these
things to myself and share them with you, the people. So How Many Beards presents to you: Randy’s
Monday Obsession.

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010: Required Listening For A Happy Birthday – Titus Andronicus

In honor of my birthday, listen to these two songs in order, and a slam a couple beers while you’re doing it.