071: The Wife Story

When my wife and I met in the fall of 2008 we could not have been more different people. Her being a beautiful young woman with her hair done, make up on, and dressed to kill in a dress and heels. Me being a slobish boy with a big beard, a mohawk, and uninterested in dressing myself to an impressive degree. Yet it was serendipitous. As many of our closest friends will tell you, had we met at any other moment prior in our lives we probably would’ve never spoken to each other. I was convinced she was out of my league. All of her friends thought she was crazy for even looking at me.first met

But fate is a funny thing. We were drawn to one another and we were tested, both by time and distance and also by each other. Each test worked to reveal more and more ways that we were already connected, and to forge connections where they did not previously exist. We came together over both the best in our lives, things like our shared passion for travel, excellent foods, and a well deserved drink. And we supported each other through the worst in our lives like living on different continents for a year and enduring separate cancer diagnosis in each of our families, and eventually losing my father. All of these experiences served only to bind us together, and when were finally married we knew it was something we wanted to be for a lifetime; to build a life together, create a home, have children, and make a family to cherish.married

We’ve always talked about kids, even before we were engaged. They were always part of the grand plan: marriage, house, career, children. That plan was supposed to be on our own time, and in our own way because that’s how we’ve always done things. Yet, just a few short weeks ago we discovered (after six positive pee tests) that she is pregnant and our first child is on its way. We’ve both officially moved out of the shock and into the very real elation at bringing a child into the world. And for me, I can’t wait to watch this woman who has been so crucial in my life over the last 5 years transform from being an incredible partner who has pushed me in every way to be a better man to being an amazing mother to our children. Baby Lueth coming in May 2014.

baby mama