016: Moat Water

by howmanybeards

Moat Water for SPoT x CCB: 5/5

After celebrating my birthday last weekend with a long beer filled Saturday I decided to dial back and just dip into a few quality brews this weekend. While perusing the shelf at one of my local sources I stumbled across something I had only heard briefly mentioned on Twitter a few times. A wonderful collaboration between two Tampa Bay Area institutions: Skate Park Of Tampa (SPoT) and Cigar City Brewing (CCB). The two collaborated to make a one time limited edition release in celebration of SPoT’s 20 year anniversary.



From the label: “Think all you can eat chocolate chip pancakes and bottomless coffee.”

For me, stout variants often deviate too far from their roots and quickly make their way into flavor profiles I don’t like. This is usually due to too many competing flavors or most often one flavor which dominates too heavily. However, this one nails it. A perfect balance of the different flavors with enough of each that it doesn’t taste like a lightly flavored stout but also doesn’t lose that essential stout aspect of the flavor either.

The label’s description is fairly accurate, and I didn’t even read that until after I had consumed the whole bottle. Coming from someone with a relatively unrefined palette I can say with confidence that it is easy to pick out all four of the main flavors (vanilla, coffee, maple, stout) in this one. And probably most important of all, it didn’t sit heavy in my stomach like some stouts tend to. Yes, it’s thicker and more meaty than say a lager or an ale, but not quite the same meal-in-a can feeling of drinking a Guinness.

This beer is delicious. It’s the kind of beer that if I had a beer cellar I’d buy 10 bottles and stash them away, but alas I do not. If you can get your hands on it, do so immediately. Sadly, this beer will not even be easy to get even with in the Tampa Bay Area.