009: The Tuesday Breakdown 12.03.12 Holiday Wishlist Edition Part 2

by howmanybeards

Another Tuesday, Another List. Today we continue and finish my Holiday Wishlist rundown, just in time for my birthday tomorrow.

11. Some Days You Just Don’t Have The Energy For The French Press. [$19.95 – $299.95]

Or maybe you have say, 8 other people waking up from a night of drinking and your piddly little press [no offense intended, I love my press] just isn’t going to cut it. Time to call in the BFG of coffee makers, the Technivorm Moccamaster. Capable of making 40 ozs of perfect coffee in mere minutes, it fits the bill for fueling up for a day of cloistered work-from-home or assuaging the hangovers of your closest amicis. And hey, why not whip up something greasy and delicious to go along with that all that hot java lava.

12. More Books? MORE BOOKS! [$21.75 – $31.49]

Like I said, I love books. Especially some new wave coffee books. Or something that can help advance my career as a dapper dan.

13. Octopus Coffee Cups. [$21]

‘Nuff said.

14. Proper Decorations. [$20.67 – $40]

Pictures of family and friends are expected on your wall. There’s probably a map somewhere. Maybe even a tribute to your alma mater. You could even be a fancy pants with some real art on the walls. But, for the man looking for something masculine and not too artistic to fill the gaps the internet is ripe with prints that fit the bill. For Southerners we have a wonderful selection from The Old Try with prints designed to appeal to either your State or Southern Pride. Or in case you’re looking for something with a bit more cultural relevance.

15. A Nice Pair Of Jeans. [$64 – $250]

I have finally reached that point in my life where I am willing to spend a little more to get something that will last. Which means I am finally ready for a nice, long lasting pair of jeans like these beauties made right here in the old U. S. of A. by a husband/wife company from Nashville. Or even something that will get me through another 4 or 5 years, like a classic pair of Levis.

16. A Fine Cigar. [$6.23 – $85]

Is nice, but is always best when accompanied by the right accouterments. The variety of lighters, cutters, humidors, and ashtrays that are designed specifically for cigars is actually a little staggering, but these are my favorites. Oh, and of course somewhere to track the best and the worst.

17. Demerit Badges. [$3.95]

Well, we’re all adults which means we deserve a new set of badges more representative than those the Boy Scouts handed out. Enter the DeMerit Badge, essentially adult oriented scout badges. A few favorites: beer can, king of the grill, cigar lover, ice climbing, armchair quarterback, and bacon addict [to ward off any comments per my earlier entry re:bacon this is OK]. Also one for the hoildays and one for The Wife.

18. Rounding Out The Bug-Out Bag. [$24.44 – $451]

As Floridians we naturally have a few pieces of survival gear stashed around the house. But, it never hurts to truly round out the collection with a few essentials in the event that shit ever really hits the fan. A few key items are the Mossberg 500 Pump Action Persuader and the Cold Steel Kukri Machete.

19. The Virtues Of The Pocket Knife. [$11.95 – $60]

Every man should own a pocket knife. And a hard working pocket knife can last a lifetime, especially one that’s been being made for over 100 years or one designed to instill Courage.

20. Travel Gear. [$99 – $140]

Traveling, especially air travel, has fallen from grace. But that’s no reason to not do your best to try and enjoy it as much as you can. So whether that’s classing up your travel gear with a nicer bag or a now essential pair of nose cancelling headphones to making sure you get the most out of the places you visit, make the effort.