030: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #2 – Sorcerers of the Magic Kindom

This is one of a series of regular posts from my dear friend Randy. Check back every Monday for a fresh look at what has taken over Randy’s litter box of a brain that week. For more timely ramblings from him head straight to the source, @RMChase3.

Hey friends Randy here coming at you hard and fast with the new obsession. I was going to present you
with a obsession that is close to my heart. But then something happened this weekend I went to the
happiest goddamn place on earth. (For those of you that don’t know that’d be Disney world.) Now you
may be saying “Hey that’s not something worth obsessing over!” You would be right I’m mostly just
bragging. It’s what I did at the park that is worthy of obsession. Last year Disney launched a interactive
collectible card game in the park called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. When I heard about it I was all
“What!? I love cards! And games! And collectibles! And interactivity!”


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