055: FLASH

by howmanybeards

Here’s a quick pull of stuff that seems cool, but if I hadn’t bookmarked it I would’ve forgotten about it by now.



  • This may be old news, but a few months ago Smith Journal ran a feature on this man, Ray who is the world’s smallest ship builder? Video’s only 4:10 so just take a break and enjoy it.
  • The Atlantic has compiled LANDSAT photos of the earth from the last 30 years into a beautiful, immersive, and horrifying feature that allows you to watch a time lapse of Man’s expansion and devastation of the Earth.  The article features a few choice pieces, but the real gem is at the bottom where you can zoom in on any point on the globe and watch.
  • Love Daft Punk? Here’s a cool look at the evolution of their robot faces
  • Do you think you buy a lot of groceries? Do you live in America? Then you probably do. But, now you finally have the chance to compare to the average weeks worth of groceries from around the world.