044: Robert DeLong

by howmanybeards

This is a guest post from the inimitably impassionate Meghan. She’ll be bring us regular updates on the music-world with a Left Coast take from her current home in Portland. To get your fill of music nonsense and passionate rants about New Girl, follow her on Twitter.

Rather than an album review this week – I wanted to give more of an artist heads up. As Sasquatch Music Festival here in the Pacific Northwest quickly approaches, the months between February and May are, for me, spent mostly researching the lineup from top to bottom. Each year that I’ve attended, I’ve looked back upon the lineup a half year later to realize most of my current favorite artists had been on the bill and I had nothing of a clue. This year, I am specifically determined to prevent that from happening.

robert delong


After the lineup release three weeks ago, I’ve already stumbled upon a gold mine of awesomeness from one artist in particular. Researching into him further I realized he received an “artists to watch in 2013” stamp from MTV, and I wanted to get my love for him out before it sounded too cliché (so pretentious of me, I know). This artist is Robert DeLong.

Robert DeLong is a mid-twenties, blonde haired, handsome ZacK Morris poster child whose appeal can be summed up in one word: WIIMOTE. That’s right, Wiimote. I guess these days to stand out you have to come up with a catch that nobody else uses, and for Robert DeLong it’s his one-man, video game controller fronted dance party. His debut record Just Movement was released early this month and his appeal seems to be slowly picking up speed. The album is energetic, fun, and extremely catchy. But what I have found as this kid’s best feature is sure to be his live performances. He is credited with hacking various video game remote controllers and doubling them as instruments. In between thumping on MIDI pads, a drum kit and various keyboards you can find him quickly tapping out a beat on a SEGA controller, or shaking around a Wiimote.

Plastered in black and a neon Orange glowing X, blonde locks bouncing over his eyes, Robert DeLong can be heard belting out prolific poetry to a thread of poppy dance beats. With a couple notches below dub-step, what I’ll call half-drops, his music is the perfect combo of electric and pop, but more than enough to get you bouncing along. Think 2013’s Foster the People, or Passion Pit. You can find him on the festival circuit this summer playing Coachella, Ultra, SXSW and of course my personal favorite, Sasquatch. I anticipate a fast growing reputation for this kid – so try to catch him before he blows up. A lengthy but worthy 12 minute performance video is just below. This should give you a better and visual feel for what he’s all about. Enjoy the wiidance!