039: Tuesday’s Breakdown for 02.12.13

by howmanybeards

Oh happy day, they finally found the missing link! A hermaphroditic sea slug with a detachable, regenerating penis! Also, it’s Tuesday.


DRINK: 6 Champagne Based Cocktails

Thursday is Saint Valentine’s day! Hooray for holiday’s created to drive consumer culture created by corporations! But, seriously if you’re planning on doing the smart thing and having a romantic night at home with your special someone, then kick it up a notch with one of these 6 easy to make drinks. I’ve actually had the first one, the French 75, before and it’s delicious.

READ: This Is Not A Test

According to reports, KRTV of Great Falls, MT had their emergency broadcast system hacked on Monday night and was reprogrammed to run a report that the dead had risen from the graves. I personally think it’s just viral marketing for the return of The Walking Dead.

LOOK: Do You Live Near A Meth Lab?

CNN’s Money team put together a sweet interactive map based on DEA data from 2004 – 2012 of identified meth lab locations. Luckily Florida didn’t make out terribly. Tulsa, OK took the win with 979 positively identified meth labs. Check it out. You can hover over different counties and metropolitan regions to see exact numbers.

BUY: Creature Cups

Those crazy people over at Huckberry have done it again. Remember those creature cups I talked about back in December? They’re on sale now! Get to it! Octopus, dinosaur, sea otter, and sharks are available just to name a few.

LOOK: The Board – F/W ’12 pt. 2

Need something to help transport you away to something more wintry or woodsy or just plain better looking? Well, then The Board is what you’re looking for. Mr. Forts has done it again. He puts out about 4 of these a year and they always do such a great job of integrating all five senses into a visual smorgasbord. Give it a gander, but don’t just half-ass it. Commit to the whole thing.

DRINK: Whiskey And Diet, Please

Do you still mix your cocktails with soda? Then hurry up and make the switch to diet. Not only does it help save you a few calories, but a recent series of studies has come to find two things. Firstly that not only can people not tell the difference in flavor, but secondly that it actually increase the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol into the bloodstream.

READ: Sea Slug Discards, Regrows Penis

So, apparently they have discovered that a none species of hermaphroditic sea slugs actually detach their penis and then regrow it after sex. There’s really nothing else I can say about that.

Until next time.