038: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #4 – Moviepass

by howmanybeards

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Hey there ladies and gentlemen! (But mostly ladies *wink*) Randy here with his new obsession in the form of a service called MoviePass. MoviePass is a service that when I first heard about I just about flipped a pool over. You pay a monthly fee and watch one movie a day. Now dear reader I’m sorry that I just made you knock over your computer in a fit of awesome.  For those of you that didn’t,  let me say that again YOU PAY A FLAT FEE TO WATCH UP TO 31 MOVIES A MONTH.  Haters attempting to hate might tell you so what I can do that with Netflix, slap them in their cocksure face.  When I talk about MoviePass I’m talking about in-the-theater-right-damn-now movies.


The premise is simple and elegant. You sign up with the company, then you get an app for your smart phone and a membership card. Just like cable, Netflix, or your cell phone bill you pay a monthly subscription cost. For that money you can see one movie everyday. You got 2-3 hours to burn and you’re near a movie theater  Go on the app sign up for your movie then you swipe your membership card to redeem your voucher.  Then BOOM it’s time for a talkie.

Now there are a few conditions to the beautiful exciting new service so un-bunch your undies and prepare yourself.

  1. It’s in beta testing so that means two things. A.) you need to sign up for an invite. 2.) If you live in the sticks you’ll have to probably travel to get to participating theaters.
  2. MoviePass is for regular format movies only so if you want IMAX 3D or the HFR you’re going to have to pony up extra cash
  3. You pay a yearly plan so unlike the Netflix you can’t buy it for the sweet summer blockbusters and then cancel without getting hit with a fee.

All of that being said if you’re still on the fence about it here is some simple maths.  Depending on your where you live MoviePass starts at $29.99. Average movie prices nationally are at $8 (actually they are at 7.78 but we can round up to 8) If you see 4 movies a month you make your money back.  Watch 48 movies a year? Hell between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Olivia Wilde projects this year alone I can break even.  So that movie that everyone is talking about that you haven’t seen? The indie flick you’re on the fence about? The terrible movie that you want to watch but don’t want to tell your family? You’ve already paid the admission so why not see it?

Like I said it is in Beta so for you poor unfortunate souls if you can’t get it now just wait a while. It should be open soon.  But that’s it for Randy and his obsession this week.  Come on by next week where I may get drunk and rant about why Esperanto never took off as an international language. Until then

Go out and go obsess.