035: Tuesday Breakdown for 02.05.13

by howmanybeards

Read a book, read a book, read a book mother fucker. Welcome to Tuesday.

book breakdown

READ: 100 Essential Reads – The Definitive Men’s Library.

One of my favorite blogs, Gear Patrol, put together of their best 100 books that is supposedly just for men but could obviously apply to anyone. I perused the list yesterday and found I had only read a few of those listed and decided it made for a pretty good literary bucket list since it ranged from fiction to poetry and biography to essay.

LOOK: Pixar Animator Illustrates Football Match-Ups.

Whether or not you like football, these are pretty cool to look at. I’m particularly fond of the Redskins v Buccaneers match-up.

LOOK: Big Map Blog.

Do you like maps? Do you like big things? Like both? Either one and this site is for you.

WATCH: A Piece Of Glacier The Size Of Lower Manhattan Breaking Off.

A clip from the upcoming documentary Chasing Ice. The 4 minute clip summarizes a 75 minute event in which a 400 ft thick piece of glacier the size of a city breaks off. Make sure you watch to the end for them to explain the scale and significance of the event.

READ: The Problem With DIY Penis Implants.

A disturbingly thorough look at the world of penis implants from The Atlantic. The article specifically focuses on the trend among prison inmates and basically surmises that a lot of inmates stick things in their dick because they’re so bored.

LOOK: Below The Boat.

A company producing hand carved 3-D representations of depth charts from famous bodies of water. Pretty cool, if a bit expensive, choice for wall art.

LOOK: TweetPing.

Ever wondered how many tweets are happening around the world at any given moment? Would you like that information presented in a simple visual format? Then Tweetping is for you. Warning, it’s a little mesmerizing.

P.S. BUY: This Koozie Sucks.

Attention all Shower Beer drinkers! Tired of getting water and soap in your shower beer? Weep no more! The This Koozie Sucks koozie solves all your Shower Beer problems. Currently available on sale ($15+shipping for 2 koozies) through Huckberry which is free to sign up for.