034: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #3 – Video Games Live

by howmanybeards

This is one of a series of regular posts from my dear friend Randy. Check back every Monday for a fresh look at what has taken over Randy’s litter box of a brain that week. For more timely ramblings from him head straight to the source, @RMChase3.

GREETINGS FROM THE LAND OF COLD MEDICINE AND TERRIBLE FAST FOOD! So before I get started I managed to get fantastically sick in a matter of 72 hours so any beautiful tangential sentences that may come please enjoy and quickly ignore. Also I swear to you reader that one of these here days I’ll get one of these damn things up in the morning (EST)


This week’s obsession comes to you in the form of a concert that I recently attended called Video Games Live. For those of you not in the know Video Games Live (VGL) is a sound light and video homage to the beautiful music in video games. The show recruits the local orchestra or philharmonic and a choir to play and sing and it is amazing. If you are one of those folks in the belief that video game music is nothing but beeps and bloops then stop reading this  right now, go to Youtube, and look up Final Fantasy 8 Intro (one of the songs they played for us) and tell me those are beeps and bloops ya jerk. (If you are seriously lazy go here and know that I hate you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q09quI356sQ )

The group I went with had both males and females of varying ages and video game interaction all of which enjoyed the concert So even if you are like me and geeked out because the music they are playing is from a game you were playing before you left the house or haven’t played any video games since Pong you are likely to have a good time. Now granted it was only one showing so you could make the argument that I was not in fact obsessed for the entire week you would be terribly and entirely wrong. As soon as I had confirmed my tickets I played all of my video game music the weeks leading up to the concert and I will probably continue to into the next month and a half. The full list of songs they have done is huge (http://www.videogameslive.com/index.php?s=info) and we only got maybe a quarter of those songs and 2 new songs that could have only come out in the last year.  So if it comes to your town and then goes to a town nearby go check it out twice.

So I think all of my medicines have kicked in! So until next time: go find your next obsession, stick it in a hole dug out in your basement, and spray it with water if it ever disobeys you.

Note: Because of Grammar Fascists this here obsession misuses punctuation. Suck it.