030: Randy’s Monday Morning Obsession #2 – Sorcerers of the Magic Kindom

by howmanybeards

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Hey friends Randy here coming at you hard and fast with the new obsession. I was going to present you
with a obsession that is close to my heart. But then something happened this weekend I went to the
happiest goddamn place on earth. (For those of you that don’t know that’d be Disney world.) Now you
may be saying “Hey that’s not something worth obsessing over!” You would be right I’m mostly just
bragging. It’s what I did at the park that is worthy of obsession. Last year Disney launched a interactive
collectible card game in the park called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. When I heard about it I was all
“What!? I love cards! And games! And collectibles! And interactivity!”


The game’s premise is that you are a Sorcerer fighting Hades (Disney Hades not Real Hades) and his recruited minions around the park
using your spells to defeat your enemies. When you start the game you get a key card that is special
to only you to unlock the next part of your adventure. (Seriously they code the card to you so you
can save your progress.) Along with your key you get several spell cards to use. As you play the game
you progress the story and eventually level up your spells so that they are stronger. What’s pretty
neat about the story is that there are several different stories that run throughout the park (minus
Tommorowland.) Now I know you’re about to be all “what about the collectibles” well keep your pants
on jerk. There are now 70 cards that you can collect and trade amongst friends (or in my case with two
older ladies checking cards off their list) with what I assume will expand exponentially. So if you’re a
Disneyphile you have one more thing to add to your massive collection.

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Now there are some downsides, one is that you can only currently use these cards in the park so be
ready to pony up park money if you decide to play your game. Second this game attracts everybody
so you will have to stand in line with both the socially inept and the technology incompetent like I did.
But if you have twenty minutes to burn before your fast pass goes live I whole-heartedly recommend it.

That’s my piece disco kids. I know it was short but in my defense I only had two days to really obsess.
Until next time: obsess and be happy