025: Tuesday Breakdown for 01.15.13

And again Tuesday rears its ugly head like an unfailing hydra and alas we have no poisoned arrows. WHERE BE MY HERCULES?

1. Django Unchained.

Speaking of Hercules, the wife and I went and saw this on Friday. I highly recommend it, full review to come later this week or next. Prepare your bladder though, it has pretty much a full 3 hour run time. Also, for extra credit, check out the original Django.

2. Letter by Letter.

Do you like word games? Yes? Then get your phone out right now and download this little gem. Available for FREE for iOS and Android. It’s fun to play, but also helps to wrinkle the brain because the twist here is that using letters already played by your opponent reduces their score and increases yours. Enjoy.

3. The Valet Handbook.

Gentlemen, are you looking for a few actually useful pointers for the coming year? Look no further then Valet.com‘s The Handbook series. It runs for the first 31 days of each year and continues an always impressive trove of interesting information. Of course, the rest of the website is pretty sweet too.

4. Man v Fish.

Having a bad day? Watch this idiot have a tarpon try to eat his arm of for taunting him. You’ll feel better.


Until next time.