014: The Womp.

by howmanybeards

Let’s face it. Ever since Inception came out, The Womp is everywhere in movies, especially in trailers. It’s kind of like back in 2010 when everything was blue and orange. In fact I brought evidence in case you doubted me.

I’m sure there a couple others out there this may have missed.

However, lest you being to think I am against The Womp let me tell you the truth. I think it is an incredibly powerful tool. The Womp, when used correctly, is an excellent way to build tension and excitement. And there in lies the problem, like all tools they are not effective when not used correctly. In Inception, The Womp was still fresh and new to us so of course it worked well. In the Prometheus trailer it takes a new lilt by making The Womp a higher pitch which seems to do wonders for conveying the sense of fear and urgency the clip works to convey. But, sadly in most other instances it falls flat.

Initiating Launch Operation: Gypsy Danger.

Luckily this is not one of those instances. In this trailer for the awesome new Giant Robot movie Pacific Rim from Guillermo del Toro we hear The Womp used in a slower manner to lend a slight sense of menace to the rest of the trailer. It works here in that it doesn’t distract from the rest of what’s going on.

In an effort to get slightly off track, as a lover of all things Giant Attack Robots this movie looks very exciting to me. Maybe it was my love of Mechwarrior as a child, or the relatively uninspired Transformer movies, or maybe it’s just that it seems to hearken back to this a little bit.