006: The Tuesday Breakdown 11.28.12 Holiday Wishlist Edition Part 1

by howmanybeards

Look at that. It’s Tuesday again already. Take a little break from your daily drudge and gaze upon the things I am most desiring this December since it contains both Christmas and my birthday.

1. Cards Against Humanity [$25/Free]

Do you like Apples to Apples? Do you have what some people might politely call a dark sense of humor? Do you and your friends like to have something fun to do while sitting around drinking? If you answered Yes to any of these questions than Cards Against Humanity might be for you. I haven’t played it yet, but based solely on description I want it. Only made in small batches and becoming incredibly popular means it is often sold out, but the good news is you can print out a version at home for just the cost of ink and paper. Or if you have a corporate job where they don’t track your printing it’s free!

2. A New Keychain [$28-$59]

Are you still wearing your keys on a carabiner? Yes? Do you rock climb? No? Then stop it. Stop it right now. It’s time to upgrade Gentlemen. And no, carrying your keys in your pocket is not an option unless that pocket is in a coat or jacket of some kind. Here we offer a few humble selections. First for people with awkward foreign flip out keys, second for people who are still kind of afraid to give up the carabiner, and finally only for people who have four regular keys.

3. Don’t Give Up The Ship [$28-$170]

Two of my fascinations in life are All Things Nautical and Vintage Inspirationals. Also, do you ever have the feeling a word, phrase, color, number, etc. is haunting you? Well between the two of those I recently came across the phrase ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship’ and promptly found it on all sorts of cool items like flags, shirts, prints, ties, and even a ring.

4. A Fancy New Belt [$37.95]

Stand out from the crowd son.  Silver buckle, of course.

5. Wisdom And Know-How Book Series [$12.78 and up]

Say what you want, but there are few things I love more than books. And what better than reference books that can teach you something. Comes in Survival, Country, and Garden varieties.

6. Fox Run Bacon Press [$13.27]

Alright, bring it in. Let’s get real for a second. We all know that one of the worst things in life is when your flip your bacon and the ends try to roll up.

7. Stationery [$18-$25]

The written word is not dead, especially if you don’t allow it. You ever have those days where you’re all like ‘Man, I wish a real person would send me mail.’ Well, as Barb always told me, ‘You have to send mail to get mail.’ It’s DIY man.

8. A New Tailgating Kit [$10-$65]

Tailgating and college football will always be in my blood, just like everything else about Florida State University, but it’s time to upgrade the old t-shirt and jeans routine. First it’s time to represent the Seminoles and The State of Florida in style. Of course no tailgate/Gameday kit is complete without the right flask. And of course, the right t-shirt never hurts either.

9. Winter Is Coming… To The Internet [$44]

And the Starks are always right in the end. Might as well bundle up in something that is fun and looks good.

10. Because Rock Paper Scissors Doesn’t Have To Solve Everything [$28]

Because, hey, why not?

Tune in next Tuesday for the FINAL TEN.