003: How Many Beards Proudly Presents: Thanksgiving 2012

by howmanybeards

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and what better on this day of prepping than a few links to help us prepare?

Set The Mood

Secret Forts: Fall Three

One of my favorite series on the web every fall is Mr. Forts annual presentation of The Fall Three. Normally these revolve around an individuals essential 3 items for fall and winter, but the this particular edition takes a different turn down nostalgia lane. Definitely something to help you feel a little more wintery, especially for those of us down here in The South.

Look The Part

An Easy Suggestion

Whether you’re spending the holidays with family, friends, or especially if you’ll be spending time with your significant other’s family it’s no time to dress like a slob. Make sure your jeans are clean and wear a collared shirt. And if you don’t like my first suggestion then take a gander at my second choice.

Don’t Act The Fool

A Quick Visual Guide

I doubt any of us are professional sportsmen, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t thrown a football in probably 6 months. But, football has become an ingrained part of Thanksgiving for most families, so in case you haven’t been practicing your pro-style 60 yard bomb you might want to do a quick brush up on technique.

Come Bearing Gifts

Better Too Much Than Too Little

Whether it’s a $6 bottle of Barefoot Chardonnay or something a little nicer, few people will say no to an extra bottle of wine for Thanksgiving. But why not try to track down one of the nice local wines mentioned in the link? Or if you’re feeling fancy, spring for a a decent bottle of champagne.